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There are times it becomes frustrating when I’m talking to Q, because I’m always starting our conversations. Sometimes it makes me think that Q is not really interested in keeping up a conversation with me, or not even interested in talking to me at all. Q may be an extroverted guy, but he hardly starts conversations. Lately I’ve been starting 90% of them and sometimes it gets really tiring.

But despite starting most of our conversations, I appreciate how he tries to keep a conversation with me. Although there are times when our text and chat conversations end short, there are also times when we have chat conversations that can last until we run out of things to say to each other, which can usually last 30 minutes at longest.

Yesterday, I started a conversation with him, because I was bored in class, and I started with asking a question about his oral exam. At first I didn’t think he would reply (because he didn’t always reply to my messages, unless he probably finds them important to him), but a few minutes later he replied, and we started having a conversation through text. He asked me if I wanted to go to a party he was organizing, and I said I would think about it. In the end I decided not to go to the party, so I let him know the next day through text. After an hour, he still didn’t reply, so I just assumed that Q didn’t really care.

Instead of going to the party, I went out with my best friend, and we spied on our brothers, who were invited to the junior prom of our old high school. I was busy talking to my friend, when suddenly I felt my phone vibrate, and when I checked it, I had received a message from Q.

I opened the message, and he said that it was okay, and they had to start setting up for the party. I wished him good luck, and told him I was spying on my brother at the prom. Then a few minutes later, he replied asking if the prom of my old high school was today. I said yes and we began texting each other for a couple of minutes. I was asking him if he was invited to our school prom when we were juniors in high school, and he would ask me the details of this year’s prom. When I thought the conversation was over, I told him to go back to setting up the party, and wished him good luck again.

At that point, I thought he would just reply, “Okay, thanks!”, but when I received his text message and opened it, he said that it was his “chill time” and started asking me about who my prom date was back in high school. When he said this, I realized that he was also making the effort to talk to me, and I just felt really happy (my best friend told me I was smiling). We continued texting each other for a few more minutes, and then after sending him a text, he stopped replying, probably because he went back to setting up for the party.

I thought he wouldn’t reply after I sent him that last text, but when I woke up the next morning, I checked my phone and saw that he replied to my message. We were texting each other non-stop for almost 4 days. It would take him hours to reply to my text, but I was surprised he’d reply to me anyway. he would even ask me more questions.

I’m not used to starting conversations, in fear that I might come off as annoying or flirty. When I started conversations with Q, I was always scared he would just ignore me, like he did before when he would stop replying right after I’d ask him about another topic. But lately he’s been replying to all my messages, until we had nothing left to say to each other, and I guess you can call that progress in our friendship.

I still start conversations with Q most of the time, because I like talking to him and because I want to get to know him more. I want him to open up to me, just as I am willing to open up to him. If starting the conversation is the only way to let him feel more comfortable with me, then so be it, because damn it, I like this guy and I want to get closer to him.


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