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Chinese artist Gao Rongguo has created a series of portrait photographs that are both beautiful and emotional. In these portraits of identical twins from Gao’s native China, the impact life has on our faces and bodies is made immediately clear.

In the formal portraits, the twins are posed looking at each other, making it impossible not to compare the differences between the two. One twin might be shorter, or have more wrinkles, a few added spots, or lost more hair. For the artist, the series is a metaphor for how fate shapes life, and how even people born in the same era can have vastly different experiences.

Gao’s twins are all over 50 years old—old enough to know their fate, Gao writes. This also means that the portrait subjects have lived through some of their country’s biggest upheavals. That experience is imprinted on their faces.

The last portrait in…

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Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time on my Tumblr dashboard, reading and reblogging posts. Majority of them include posts of links like “21 Signs You Have a Chance With Him” and “10 Signs It’s Love.” I read those for fun, mentally counting the number of items that apply to me but not really believing them. And then, as I was walking home today, I thought of making my own list. This time, instead of writing vague general descriptions, I’ll try to write realistic and specific ones.

Note: I don’t guarantee that these same signs would apply to anyone else.

1. I’d be nice to you, a little too nice, but you probably won’t notice because I’m making sure that I’m not too too nice to you. In my head, I’m calculating the amount of niceness I’d offer you because a) I don’t want to be obvious, b) I…

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