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1. Greetings and goodbyes are panic attack-inducing situations for you. Do you shake hands? Hug? Wave? It always ends up being some painfully janky combination of the three.

2. The concept of “dating” is more or less lost to you. In your mind, if you don’t turn into a stage five clinger, you never really liked them that much anyway.

3. You never know what to do with your hands.

4. You end up having to explain your jokes to people when they don’t laugh, thus rendering them even less funny than they started out with.

5. You always forget people’s names and would rather run away from the conversation than have to ask again, so you’ve become a pro at roundabout methods of figuring it out. “How do you pronounce that…?”

6. You find yourself apologizing for everything you say even if there’s no reason at all to apologize. It’s like you’re apologizing for…

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Thought Catalog

“They broke up.”

I wish I could say that it was those three words that changed everything. If your friend had told me this a week ago, my heart would have done back flips and forward flips, practically bursting through the wall of my chest like a sledgehammer through drywall, shattering my bones into a million little fragments. But when those words came out of his mouth, I felt nothing. One would think that this was progress; a sign that my heart was progressively healing and my happiness was no longer contingent on whether or not you loved me. Unfortunately for me, this was not the case.

I think that I felt nothing that day because I was simply in shock. Although I had known that it was only a matter of time before he came back into my life and theoretically was “ready” to handle it, nothing can really…

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Thought Catalog

Start off by caring a lot. Put a great deal of time and energy into your appearance. Change outfits five times just to go to the deli. Second guess every statement you make and take back an opinion if someone disagrees with it. Put all of your self-worth into others. Give your self-esteem to your significant other and pray they don’t destroy it. They will. They did. You felt like you didn’t have a choice.

Get stressed out about the pile of dishes, if someone doesn’t text you back or respond to your message on Facebook. See everything as an opportunity for being disappointed or rejected. Spend most of your time thinking about how others will perceive your actions. Aren’t you exhausted? The war you’re in to love yourself is a war you cannot win.

Then one day, as if by magic, just stop. Stop caring. Something inside of you…

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Marielle StobieMarielle Stobie

Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you are trying to find something you can’t find it and once you’re not looking for it you finally find it? Or when you are trying to remember something but you can’t until you no longer need the information? From my own personal experience, I can tell you that when it comes to find things it isn’t rare to find them only when you are not looking for them.

What many women and also men are taught by the entertainment industry and even by other people is to fight to find love, to live looking for their soul mates and that their lives will not be complete until they achieve that goal. This teaches many people to be completely obsessed with love and always keep in mind to find it. Or do we not have thousands of movies, books, TV shows…

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Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 4.28.41 PM

Never date a girl who writes and break her heart.

Because instead of lying in her bed with broken glass all over the floor and pillows soaked with tears, she will only write about you. She will only recall all your memories; the first time you met, your first date, your first kiss, the day she introduced you to her parents and even the day you broke up with her. She will write these things down in the worst and best way possible. The worst way –- to make her regret she met you and the best way – to make her smile and be thankful she did.

Open her journal and you will find yourself there among the wet pages and blotted inks, waiting to be released and freed. She wrote it not only to release the feelings she is keeping but also because she wants you to read…

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Thought Catalog

1. The friend who is always “down for whatever”

Why does everyone act like they’re so busy all the time? I have some friends who, if I want to see them, I have to call them at least a week in advance and give notice. “Hi friend. I don’t mean to scare you or stress you out but I would love to see you IRL on this date. Please let me know if that works for you.” Then, of course, it doesn’t work and you have to reschedule. Before you know it, it’s taken a month just to meet for a stupid happy hour.  I realize that everyone has jobs and/or relationships now but I call bullshit on constantly being busy. It’s not real. I think people are just lying in bed and feeling too anxious to move. They’re not busy because their social calendar is full; they’re busy because…

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Thought Catalog

Jane RahmanJane Rahman

For a long period of my life, I identified myself with different forms of negativity. On an unconscious level, I didn’t want to let go of pain and make a positive change. My inner-conscious felt it had the identity of a depressed and angry person who would sabotage any positive things happening in my life. And it was only once I learned to consciously feel my own presence in the moment, I was able to drop heavy burdens from my past.

Waiting for time to heal your pain is just delaying your potential happiness. Your hole of unhappiness grows deeper, and your conscious becomes even more connected to those negative feelings. Pain only feeds off of more pain. You have to disrupt the process, and consciously fill your days with bliss. Take action in your life. Any action is better than burying your head in the sand, hiding…

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