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  1. I miss you, so damn much.
  2. I miss holding your hand.
  3. I miss your hugs.
  4. I never wanted you to let go.
  5. I want to talk to you again, but it hurts just to see your face.
  6. Yes, I was jealous (happy?).
  7. I cared for you even when I called you a jerk that time.
  8. You f*cking asshole.
  9. I know I don’t show enough emotion, but I liked you very, very much.
  10. I hope you realized what you’ve done.
  11. Subconsciously, you were the reason I look forward to going to school everyday.
  12. It hurts… so much.
  13. I still look for you whenever I’m alone in school.
  14. I feel so much lonelier without you.
  15. You made me so, so happy.
  16. I hope you believe in karma.
  17. I thought you were fine just the way you are, and I didn’t ask for anything more.
  18. I miss leaning on your shoulder.
  19. I never realized how important you were to me until you left.
  20. I don’t care how f*cked up you say your mind is, I still liked you, okay?!
  21. I wanted you to be one of my best friends.
  22. I wish you still cared.
  23. Yes, I am aware you still exist, so please pass anywhere except in front of me.
  24. I hope you realized I wanted you to talk to me, even in your lowest of times.
  25. I don’t care if you’re afraid to hurt me, that won’t stop me from trying to help you.
  26. I opened up to you, even when you thought I didn’t open up enough.
  27. I miss leaning on your shoulder.
  28. I miss our weekly lunches.
  29. Silence was never awkward with you.
  30. I miss watching the stars with you.
  31. I wish we had more moments when we listened to each other’s music.
  32. I bought new chucks (still black).
  33. Yes, I do hate cheesy, but that doesn’t mean I wanted you to stop being cheesy.
  34. I wish we could have slow danced.
  35. I wanted to do something special on your birthday.
  36. You told me I should change, but just to let you know, I’m fine the way I am.
  37. If you liked me enough, you would have been patient and stayed, but no.
  38. I am an emotional bag of shit right now.
  39. You treated me special, and I loved every single moment of it.
  40. No, I don’t (think I) want you back (okay I don’t know if I want you back).
  41. I still remember every single small memory that we’ve had together.
  42. I still have no idea what to do with the fake sapphire.
  43. I know how to spell your name in Japanese.
  44. Until now, I still cared for you, even though I want to stop.
  45. There are so many stories I want to tell you.
  46. There were so many memories a wanted to share with you.
  47. I didn’t want it to end.

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Look CatalogLook Catalog

1. Moving away from your childhood home will break your tiny kid heart. Never again will you feel as carefree roaming the streets with your best friends.

2. Your first boyfriend will break your heart. What you don’t know at the time is that the pain will follow you to all future relationships. It will shape your fears and insecurities for decades to come.

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3. Your heart will break the moment you realize that you’re not talented enough, just the way you are, to do what you love for a living. You’ll find that only a small percent of human beings are born so gifted that the world seeks out their genius. The rest of us have to learn, practice, and pray that the stars align so that maybe, we get a shot at it.

4. Holding your grandpa’s hand on his death bed will…

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They’re funny creatures, people.

They’re going to hurt you. They’re going to let you in and shut you out. They’re going to lie to you. They’re going to manipulate you. They’re going to say things that they simply cannot take back. They’re going to earn your trust and they’re going to betray it. They’re going to confuse you. They’re going to drive you crazy. Love them anyway.

They’re going to surprise you. They’re going to leave you speechless. They’re going to put a smile on your face when you least expect it. They’re going to make you laugh. They’re going to make you cry. Love them anyway.

They aren’t always going to be perfect. They’re going to have bad days, and they might even take it out on you. They’re going to shoot a frown your way, they’re going to follow your car far too closely, and they’re going…

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High School Musical 3: Senior Year High School Musical 3: Senior Year

1. Those dudes are not that cute

When you’re 23, you realize that 18 year olds look like they’re 14. You do not have to grow a delusion for someone who is “mildly” attractive just because you think you need to. You do not need to be attach yourself to another person (or an immature high schooler, no less) and honestly, there is about a 98 percent chance you will not end up with this person.

2. Gossiping about people is a waste of time

There are better things to do, like talk about philosophy or religion or your favorite color, ANYTHING but other people. Not only does it do nothing for your intelligence, it’s an unhealthy habit to obsess about others because you are jealous of them, or because someone else has told you that they are a bad person. If you keep…

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True Detective: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray + Digital)

1. The Frankford Slasher

From 1985 to 1990 there were nine murders in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Frankford where the victim was sexually assaulted and then brutally stabbed. It seemed clear that it was the work of a single serial killer, especially since several of the victims were reported to have been seen with a middle-aged white male shortly before their attacks. In a bizarre twist, after the murder of eighth victim, Carol Dowd, authorities arrested Leonard Christopher, a black male that worked at the fish market near the location of Dowd’s murder. He didn’t fit any witness description and there was little to no evidence of his involvement, yet he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. The case against Christopher actually being the Frankford Slasher became even less viable on September 6, 1990, months after Christopher had been…

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You are happy with him. It takes a few minutes of your time each day to grasp this.

He makes you happy.

When you’re with him, you feel wonderful. He takes care of you. He makes you laugh. You can see yourself with him thirty years from now.

You really can.

So what if you fight? All couples fight. Love means accepting the other person for all his flaws, right? What kind of significant other would you be if you gave up?

So what if he yells at you? You can’t always be right. You did go out without his permission. He has the right to yell at you. It’s actually adorable when he gets jealous. You feel wanted, you feel needed. A few hours of a relentless shouting match is a small price to pay. It’s okay if he gets jealous. Of your friends, of your work, of your…

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Valentine’s Day should be removed from the calendar, burned from our memories, and never to be talked about again. Single or not. That day carries more unpleasant memories for me than the day I found out John Mayer is taken.
Here’s how to not really embrace your singleness, but to allow yourself to be identified by your 10,000 other qualities. Here’s how to be selfish and love your only responsibility: taking care of yourself.

1. Don’t allow yourself to fall into a state of self-pity.

This is so key that I wish I could personally visit each one of you and hang out with you to prevent this from happening. Seriously. As soon as you start to feel that unpleasant thought creep up on you, take a walk. Go for a drive. Have coffee with a friend. Just get out of the house. Distractions can be a blessing.


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