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It’s been almost eight months since we broke up. And I won’t try to earn sympathy by pretending like it was entirely his decision, either. We just didn’t work out — he wanted to stay in our old city, go to grad school, start putting down roots. I never liked that city, and I wanted to do other things. Even though there was clearly still love there, and we’d see each other at the various social events of our mutual friends, we broke up. We had one of those talks that starts off really optimistically, talking about how we’re going to make it work if we’re doing “the long-distance thing,” but which we both knew would end in a breakup. We both cried. We had sex once, then again the next morning (we fell asleep in the same bed, though I said I was going to go home). We called…

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I liked and cared for a guy who eventually left me for another girl. Plus, he told me that I wasn’t as perfect as he thought I was, and it shattered me in so many ways. It’s only been three months, I still have my ups and downs, but I’m feeling stronger and more independent than ever.

I’ve been drawing since the 6th grade, and no matter how bad I was, no matter how discouraging it sometimes was, I never stopped, because it was something that I loved to do. No matter how many times I’ve been rejected by my school’s art staffs, I still continued to draw. It’s been 8 years. I’m currently pursuing a drawing-related course in college, and I’m still not bored of it.

I failed to get into my High School’s badminton varsity twice, because I was weak, and I lacked skills a badminton player needed. I finally made it in on my third try, after 2 straight years of tears, frustrations and hardcore training.

I studied my butt off for the last 4 years of my High School life, just so I could achieve something as insignificant as my first ever merit card. I finally received one 3 months before I graduated.

I spent almost half my year, studying for the entrance exams of the college I wanted to get into. There were points when laziness got the best of me, and there were moments where I just wanted to stop and give up. However, I didn’t, and now I am currently studying in the college of my choice.

To others, my struggles are small, they are not the worst.

But if this isn’t what people call love, dedication and passion, then I don’t know what is…

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Facebook will celebrate its 10th birthday next week. Created in a dorm room by Mark Zuckerberg and a few friends, TheFacebook.com came to life on Feb. 4, 2004. In its decade of existence, the social network has attracted 1.1 billion users, and all their pokes, wall posts, baby photos and engagement announcements add up to a whole lot of time. Use TIME’s calculator to see just how many days of your life have been lost to this ten-year-old.

[time-iframe url=”http://content.time.com/time/wp/interactives/apps/facebook_time_wasted/test_iframe.html”]


Facebook doesn’t publicize data on exactly how often a user logs in, though you can bet that they’ve got that information. In lieu of that measurement, this app runs through the timestamps on every post in your feed until it reaches the earliest one, which it uses as the estimated date that you created your profile. Users who are extraordinarily active on the site may get an estimate…

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Thought Catalog

We all have friends. Often times, we have friends that join us at different parts in our lives. We have best friends that stick with us forever, but more often than not they all serve different purposes. At the end of the day, we may not need friendship to live, but we require friendship to thrive. Much like C.S. Lewis once said, “friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival,” friends give us meaning in our lives—no matter what role they play.

1. The Intellectual

He or she presses you to think about the world around you. Intellectuals pose thought-provoking questions about work, life, children, education, love, and how all of those things work together. You think about who you are and what you represent when you’re around them. They motivate you to study…

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Painted Tales of Bits and Pieces

I had a crush on this girl for the longest time. Her name was Kate.

She was everything I had ever dreamed of. She was not my type, honestly, but there was something about her that just made me fall. It took me months before I could confess to her, and it took her weeks before she replied, “I like you too.” The next thing we knew, we were hanging out almost everyday in school. We’d hug, hold hands and say sweet things to each other. I did everything to make her happy, I cared for her. But there was one thing I had a problem with…

She was too quiet.

I mean, she had a wonderful personality. She’s lively when she wants to be. When she’s with her friends or my friends, she lights up the whole room with her smile and her energy. But it takes her a…

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Thought Catalog

What is it that you’re waiting for, exactly? Do you believe in perfect timing, all the stars aligning, and then you will know the time is right? Can I kindly tell you that I do not believe there is a precise “right time” for anything? Life just happens. Life is. It changes every second of every day. There are very few constants. Yes, some actions and life events may have opportune timings, but if they don’t happen when you think they should does that make them any less right?


I can come up with a list of reasons why now is not the “right time” to do any number of things. It would be called a list of excuses. A list of possibilities you come up with in your head to talk yourself out of doing something you actually want to do. Why else would you have thought to…

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