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I have a difficult time interacting with people.

As an introvert, I try to be friendly. I really do try. But when something like this happens…

When I see someone I know in distress, and obviously wants to talk…

Me: Are you okay?
Friend: No.
Me: Do you wanna talk about it.
Friend: No. I just want to be alone.
Me: Are you sure?
Friend: Just leave me alone!
Me: *In my head* Well f*ck you then, I’m just trying to be of help.

I’m really trying my best to be a friend. As I said in my previous post,  I am trying to be more of a listener than the talker. I try to be more sensitive to others, and I try to be of help to them, But if people don’t seem to appreciate the help I give, and just shoo me off like I’m some pesky fly…

… Then I am so through with human interaction… so through.

Forgive me. I needed to be the talker this time.


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