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I found a note in my FB that I wrote 2 years ago, and it was my attempt to write New Year’s poem. Apparently I was sick when I wrote this (I did have a tendency to get sick every New Year’s Eve). But anyway I just wanted to share this poem (If you want to call it that), because this was one of my first attempts to writing something and I am (still) quite proud 🙂


TO MY DEAR READERS (by Olivia Te, January 1 2011): 

TImes flies by so fast.

Seconds turn into minutes,

Minutes turn into hours,

Hours turn into days,

Days turn into months,

And months turn into years.

And through this course of time,

Everything around us starts to change,

Our environment, our country,

Even the people we know and love.

And when our surrounding starts to change,

We change as well. 

And so, my dear audience,

We must embrace this change,

We must accept the flow of time,

And now that a new year has begun,

Let us turn over a new leaf,

And start anew!!!


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