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Picked up my sketchbook, a pencil and an inking pen — I’ve been inspired lately to draw again! So expect me to be posting a lot of my latest and favorite works πŸ™‚

To end this post, Here is most recent work inspired by Owl City’s (Ft. Mark Hoppus) latest song “Dementia”. I suggest, to those who haven’t heard of it, to listen to it! It’s awesome! And I believe even non-Owl City fans will love it too πŸ™‚

It's Driving me crazy


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Frozen Time

Here’s a part of one of my Fan Fictions… This free-verse poem really struck me somehow (Funny the fact I wrote it myself… :|) and I hope you feel the same lightness I felt too πŸ™‚ Enjoy~

Frozen Time:

He had no time to waste,

And she had no time to spare.

They each had their own life to live.

But once they crossed paths,

Time stopped.

He had a duty and a reputation to keep.

But when he laid eyes on that brown-haired beauty,

It was as if he never became a gym leader at all.

He had no problems. He had free will.

She had a horrible past she will never forget.

But once she looked into his emerald-green eyes,

She felt warmth and comfort.

She had no worries. She had found home.

They met in the middle of a busy street.

When they saw each other,

Everything moved slower.

When they closed the distance between each other,

Noises grew silent.

When they held hands,

Everyone and everything disappeared.

When their fingers entwined,

It was just the two of them left.

And when his lips touched hers.

The world was theirs.

They were 17. And they fell in love.

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