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I guess you can say I have a thing for roller coasters.

That is true.

But when I constantly look at the title again, I think there is a deeper meaning behind “The Inspiration Roller Coaster”.

I am a fan of Owl City you see, and one day, I came across a video of Adam introducing the reason behind the name “Owl City”. And I clearly remember what he said in that one-minute interview…

“It was a combination of two very different and unlikely words that make sense when you put them together…”

Those words really struck me deep inside. It is true, Owl and City are very different from each other, yet they sound well when combined together. And it is amazing, that he actually thought up of something so random, but ingenious at the same time, and his words actually inspired me to do something similar. So I began combining words to create titles for my internet accounts, stories, etcetera. And eventually I began creating quotes out of the idea of being extra-ordinary.

Then one day, I was stuck to the idea of Inspiration and Imagination, and I felt like making a quote from that idea. And at that time, I was listening to one of Owl City’s latest songs “Alligator Sky” , and then I came across one part of the lyrics…

“Roller coaster through the atmosphere…”

And I stopped at the word Roller Coaster.

And then I tried to combine that word to Inspiration, and that’s how the phrase “Inspiration Roller Coaster” came to be.

I came to realize what I think Adam meant from his interview. Now that I look at this phrase in a deeper context, they are not just two words randomly formed together, but they also have a meaning.

From my experience, I find roller coasters very fast and thrilling and when I’m on one, I feel like I’m blasting off, soaring to galaxy heights. And in an abstract sense, we can relate my concept of a roller coaster to Inspiration and Imagination.

Inspiration, for me, is hard to find. That is why searching for it takes a long time and undergoes a long process. And that process is the Inspiration Roller Coaster. Hopping on the Inspiration Roller coaster is like sitting on your thinking chair — you stay on it until you find an idea. While riding on it, you will definitely go through obstacles, twist and turns, sudden drops and steep climbs, but at the end of it all, you will find what you are looking for — content. Content, that you have found inspiration at last and this will help you to widen your horizons and imagination.

Even though there is a one in a million chance he’ll ever see this, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Adam Young for inspiring me with his music and indirect words of wisdom. Without him, I wouldn’t be who I am right now, and I am proud of what I have become so far.

More or less, this lengthy introduction has given you a view of what I might post on this blog and I hope you enjoy scrolling through it.

And so, as I end this article, I would like to present to you with a personal quote I made myself and I hope you this will leave an impact on you readers, no matter how big or small it may be…

“Hop aboard the Inspiration Roller Coaster and let your Imagination soar”


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